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About ReInvigorated Health

For more than 20 years and counting, Dr. Fred Teribury has been committed to providing patients with the care they need, whenever -- and wherever -- they need it. Originally using the field expertise he gained as a medic with the United States Army Special Forces to provide the active or jet-set patient with a perfectly tailored travel first aid kit through The Sportsman’s The Sportsman’s Doctor, Dr. Teribury has launched ReInvigorated Health to help patients close even more gaps in their health and wellbeing.

ReInvigorated Health offers men’s health support, and first aid kits for the frequent traveler or outdoor enthusiast. Above all else, we’re here to help you: Dr. Teribury is committed to making sure you’re educated and confident about your care, and he’s happy to answer any of your questions with zero judgment. Because all of the services and products you’ll receive at ReInvigorated Health will be online, we’ll meet your needs in a way that’s discreet, private, fast, and tailored to your schedule.

If you’re ready to feel great about your health inside and out, don’t spend another day waiting. Reach out to Dr. Teribury and ReInvigorated Health to get started with your first telemedicine consultation now!

Dr. Fred Teribury