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Board-Certified Weight Loss Doctor

Weight Loss Consultation

Obesity affects people all across America, putting them at risk for associated health difficulties such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic joint pain, and more. But excess weight isn’t an easy problem to solve, even for those who are truly committed to losing weight. From genetic predispositions to financial barriers and exercise limitations, there are a number of factors that can take our ability to shed pounds out of our control, leaving many patients frustrated with their lack of progress in spite of their hard work.

ReInvigorated Health is committed to helping you bridge the gap in your weight loss plan with the medically-based support you need. Overseen by experienced, board-certified internal medicine physician and weight loss specialist Doctor Fred Teribury, our weight management clinic is conducted online through telemedicine, ensuring that your care is private, safe, convenient, and custom-tailored to your schedule. We also offer avenues for you to receive safe, supervised medicinal support for your weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to take the next step and receive the support you need to finally see the results you’ve been looking for, don’t wait. Reach out to ReInvigorated Health today to schedule your first consultation!

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Phentermine Prescriptions Online  

Proven Results with Medical Weight Loss  

As a supplemental service to the weight loss consultations we provide to residents of New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, ReInvigorated Health also offers patients the opportunity to begin a prescription of the weight loss aid known as phentermine. But how does phentermine work? Is it safe?

Along with lifestyle changes and guidance from your doctor, Phentermine can give your body the extra push it needs to meet your weight loss goals. Phentermine is a stimulant which works to activate your sympathetic nervous system, decreasing your appetite. When your urge to eat is reduced, you’ll have an easier time taking control of your portions, taking in fewer calories in the process.

Phentermine for weight loss is a medical treatment, which is why it’s so important to take this medication in tandem with the telemedicine guidance you receive from Dr. Teribury. We’ll conduct a remote appointment to evaluate your needs, and once we’ve determined the right treatment and dose for you, ReInvigorated Health will send your prescription to your pharmacy of choice. Dr. Teribury will continue to consult with you throughout your use of phentermine to ensure that you’re on track with your weight loss plan, and that you’re utilizing your medication safely and effectively!

Weight Management Doctor in NY, PA, FL & NC

Online Weight Loss Programs Made Simple

At ReInvigorated Health, we strive to make receiving the medicinal support you need as simple, convenient and accessible as possible. If you’re ready to add a helping hand to your weight loss journey, follow these easy steps:

Visit our online shop and make an account with us! You’ll be prompted to fill out a brief questionnaire about your medical history and lifestyle. You’ll also have your identity verified here, so don’t forget to have your ID with you.        
Once you’ve completed our form, you’ll receive an email from us containing your ReInvigorated Health username and password. Use these credentials to log in, return to the shop, and purchase your weight loss consultation.    
Once we’ve received your purchase, someone from our team will email you to set up your first telemedicine appointment. This is not an auto reply, it’s a real person! If you have any questions for us, our lines of communication are open.

If, following your evaluation, you and your ReInvigorated Health physician decide that medicinal support is right for you, just give us the name and address of your most convenient pharmacy. We’ll have your prescription sent automatically, so all you need to do is pick it up! (Note: Any payments or copays for your medication will not be included in your initial evaluation fee.)

If you have questions for Dr. Teribury before you get started, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re here and happy to help you at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can anyone take Phentermine for weight loss?

While most people can benefit from Phentermine, there are a few pre-existing conditions that can make the medication dangerous to take. These conditions include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Overactive thyroid gland
  • Glaucoma
  • Unstable blood pressure that needs to be well-controlled

How much does my Phentermine prescription cost?

Prescription phentermine for weight loss usually costs about $20. Dr. Teribury will always be transparent with you about the cost of your medication before you fill your order!

Will I ever be able to order my Phentermine prescriptions directly from you?

Yes! While our process currently involves sending your prescription to your preferred pharmacy, we will soon have the ability to ship directly to you.

Will my neighbors be able to see what I’ve ordered?

Nope! Any product you receive from ReInvigorated Health will be packaged discreetly with no indication of what’s inside.